So you have bought Ray-Ban sunglasses and are now suspicious that you have been condemned and bring home the fake Ray-Ban sunglasses.

Ray-ban is a premium manufacturing, stylish and up-to-date manufacturing sunglasses for men and women. So, it is not surprising that some bad people try to copy the famous Ray-Ban glasses model and sell them as the original.

Many retailers cannot be relied on trying to sell fake sunglasses to make more money. Sometimes ingenuine glasses look exactly the same as the original, making it difficult to find fake. But don’t worry, we provide a complete guide here that helps you instantly detect fake ray-ban sunglasses. Keep reading.

Things that must be checked to distinguish fake Ray-Ban Sunglasses

Ray-Ban sunglasses

Sometimes the copy of the sunglasses version is made so fine that it is difficult to find the difference. However, considering these things that can help detect fake Ray-Ban sunglasses.


Original Ray-Ban sunglasses come in good quality, a well-sealed box with a microfiber cloth, case, and small bullet fabrics that are printed correctly. If you buy Ray-Ban’s sunglasses online and are sent them with lost items, you are most likely to buy fake Ray-Ban sunglasses.


Ray-ban is famous for its published sunglasses, and most people are condemned to buy these glasses. Original ray-ban glasses are made of high-quality plastic materials. They also have a smooth final result that feels smooth to touch. On the other hand, the version of fake sunglasses from Ray-Ban does not have quality materials and smooth final results.


Original Ray-Ban Glasses Hinges will also be made of quality metal. They come with solid materials and bolts safely to the frame. Original sunglasses come with four metal rivets in the hinges, two in front and two on the side. Fake Ray-Ban’s sunglasses will have poor quality and loose hinges.

Nose Pads

The original Ray-ban’s sunglasses will have a plastic nose cushion filled with metal frames. In addition, the Ray-Ban logo was bumped in the middle. On the other hand, the version of the fake and copied ray tire glasses will have a nasal cushion with low-quality plastic and sometimes rough from the edge.


Ray-Ban’s sunglasses will come with high-quality material lenses. In addition, the original Ray-ban sunglasses will have the “RB” or “Ray-ban” logo that is engraved at the top of the glasses, while the Ray-ban polarized sunglasses will have the “Ray-Ban P” logo that is engraved. In addition, Ray-Ban’s sunglasses are equipped with a logo carved on the right lens, while the recipe glasses will have it on the left lens.

Ce mark

The original ray-ban sunglasses are equipped with a CE sign printed on both handles. This sign shows that your sunglasses are made by complying with health standards and environmental protection. In addition, the original Ray-Ban glasses come with a layer that protects your eyes from dangerous UV rays from Sun. On the other hand, fake Ray-ban sunglasses do not have such a protective layer.


Why do people make fake ray-ban sunglasses?

Fake ray-ban glasses are made with low-quality materials, producing low production costs. As a result, some retailers make fake and reduce them with a slightly lower price than the original, maintaining a significant margin.

Why is Ray-Ban sunglasses so expensive?

Ray-Ban offers premium quality sunglasses with original and high-quality materials. Unfortunately, higher quality means higher production costs, making Ray-ban’s sunglasses expensive.